Travis Scott To Cover Funeral Costs For All 8 Families

Travis Scott To Cover Funeral Costs For All 8 Families

Travis Scott To Cover Funeral Costs For All 8 Families!

But is that really enough? We say NO… Travis Scott should pay $1 million to all 8 families in addition to the funeral costs following the tragedy at the music festival in Houston. The news comes on the heels of Roddy Ricch donating his net earnings from his performance at Astroworld.

Without question, without thinking, Travis Scott should step up and pay each of the families who lost their child $1 million dollars.

The money will never bring back their child who went to see Travis Scott with friends for a birthday like one of the concertgoers who lost his life or others who just wanted to see their favorite rapper live. is not bringing up the question we are stating when will the hip hop community own up and take responsibility to what has happened.

When concertgoers go to music festivals to see their favorite artist the last thing on their mind is “I might get killed tonight.”

They are going because they just want to have fun with friends, hear great music and have the time of their life.

When rappers have a festival that they create, Like Drake’s OVO, J Cole’s Dreamville, or Travis Scott’s Astroworld, they are responsible if something goes wrong.

We understand that Travis Scott is saddened by the news, but he is still taking home a bag. Of course, he took to social media stating:

In addition to helping to pay for funeral costs to the victim’s families, Vulture reports that he is refunding Astroworld attendees’ tickets, but that doesn’t help the families with the emotional loss of their son or daughter who lot their life at a music festival.

This is why Travis Scott should be not only covering funeral costs but also giving the families who lost their loved ones $1 million dollars each.