Mally Mall Sentenced To Almost 3 Years In Prison For Running Prostitution Ring

Mally Mall Sentenced To Almost 3 Years In Prison For Running Prostitution Ring

Mally Mall Sentenced To Almost 3 Years In Prison For Running Prostitution Ring!

Music producer and former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood alum Mally Mall will be serving time, almost three years. FACTS! Read on for details about Mally Mall being sentenced… and report that on Thursday, May 13th Mally Mal was sentenced to 33 months behind bars by Las Vegas courts.

Jamal Rashid, best known as Mally Mall was charged with running a prostitution business under the guise of an escort company. A few years back he pled guilty to the charges. This is not the first time he’s been in trouble with the law. Mal was accused of rape, but the charges were dropped. He was in trouble for having exotic animals and now this. It was only a matter of time before he was busted for something.

According to reports, Mally Mall claimed to have quit his criminal acts back in 2014, he was allegedly deep in the business from 2002 to 2012.

However, U.S. attorney Christopher Chiou claimed:

Rashid operated a high-end prostitution business that transported victims across the United States, using various paid websites… to advertise the victims for prostitution purposes.

He continued:

Rashid exploited hundreds of victims [through manipulation], encouraged victims to get tattoos of him to demonstrate their loyalty, and led many of them to believe he would advance their careers in show business.

Mally Mall‘s attorneys Respond to the Claims:

In response to the sentence, Mally Mall‘s attorneys commented:

[Mally Mall has] accepted full responsibility for his conduct that occurred almost a decade ago. He will serve his sentence and looks forward to returning to the music industry.

While speaking with The Neighborhood Talk, Mally Mall made claims that suggest otherwise. Speaking on the 33-month sentence.

He said:

I had to take a plea deal to keep from doing 5-10 years for something I didn’t do.

Moreover, Mall claimed that an FBI agent named Kevin White had a grudge against him and helped forward the false narrative. he also alleges that the agent paid the victims to speak out against the hip-hop artist.

Mall stated:

Those girls, all they care about is money, not the verdict.

He then wrapped up his statements by alleging that his refusal to snitch, by saying:

I ain’t no 6ix9ine! I’m going to do the time because I’ll never snitch on nobody, but the things they’re saying about me aren’t true.

Apparently, someone close to Mally is behind this, but he will do the time for them. Interesting.