Mally Mall Rape Case Dropped by Prosecutors

Mally Mall Gets Off; Prosecutors Dropping Case

Hip hop producer Mally Mall has one less court case to worry about.  Mall is no longer under investigation for allegedly raping a Texas woman since prosecutors are dropping the case.

We previously reported that music producer and former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Mally Mall was under investigation for alleged sexual assault. Well, things have changed. Read on for more on why Mally Mall Rape Case Dropped

Mally Mall Gets Off; Prosecutors Dropping Case has learned that L.A. County District Attorney is declining to file charges against hip-hop producer Mally Mall.

According to legal docs, the alleged victim had accused Mally Mall of rape, but prosecutors say after an extensive investigation by LAPD they have turned up insufficient evidence.

It is being reported that the woman who claimed Mally offered to fly her in from Texas back in January to help her produce fitness training videos partied all weekend with him.

See, the D.A.’s Office says she accepted the 41-year-olds offer and that he partied with the woman the entire weekend, and everything was consensual.

She claimed that Jamal Rashid, aka Mally Mall, plied her with booze on 2 occasions and forcibly raped her.

NOT True, nope, NOT the case, Mally’s people say that the woman was never in a rush to leave Mally’s mansion.

In fact, he is spinning the case that the woman was trying to extort him.

This all comes after we reported after Mally was facing allegations of multiple sexual assaults and human sex trafficking, along with alleged importation of exotic animals, triggered last month’s raid on Mally’s L.A. home. He was detained while cops searched the house, but was NOT arrested.

What did happen is cops seized a Serval cat and a Cotton-top Tamarin monkey from the home during the raid.

As for now, Mally Mall will not be getting back his exotic pets.

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