MAL Airs Out Joe Budden “I Don’t Respect Him”

MAL Airs Out Joe Budden "I Don't Respect Him"

MAL Airs Out Joe Budden “I Don’t Respect Him!”

Joe Budden and his original crew Mal and Rory got fired after the no-showed for several weeks. The duo also said they are not worried about suing him. The former friends fell out and now, Mal and Rory have their own podcast. Continue on to see what MAL  had to say about Budden… reports that former Joe Budden Podcast cohost Jamil ‘Mal’ Clay, says he does not have any respect for his former friend.

If you recall, Mal walked away from the podcast and from Budden after he fired Rory and slammed Mal for questioning the money.

Mal told StarStatus Chris:

I don’t respect him at all. Shake his hand? I’ll shake the room before I shake his hand. That’s just what it is. It’s not even about the business or the money. It’s a lot of money, it’s a lot of money, bro, that me and Rory walked away from. It’s a lot of money that was taken out of our pockets. It’s a lot of money that still to this day, we don’t have no lawyers going after it. Keep it. We got our own bag.

He continued:

But, with that money that we walked away from, with that, what was owed to us that we walked away from, that was also me walking away from a relationship and a chapter of life that, once I walk away, you know, that door never opens again.