Machine Gun Kelly Is In ‘A F**ked Up Place Mentally

Machine Gun Kelly Is In 'A F**ked Up Place

Machine Gun Kelly Is In ‘A F**ked Up Place Mentally!

Turns out, things haven’t been going so well for Machine Gun Kelly on his rehab journey. Continue on…


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A post shared by the Blonde Don (@machinegunkelly) reports that Machine Gun Kelly, 30, took to social media on Monday to tell his followers he’s been having a bit of a rough patch mentally as he continues to get clean.

Machine Gun Kelly, born Richard Colson Baker, wrote in a message on his Instagram Stories:

I just wanna say to my fans I’ve been in, kind of like, a f**ked up place personally for a couple of months in my head. So, I haven’t been that active on socials.

Recovery is an arduous, excruciating journey, but at least MGK has his girlfriend Megan Fox by his side.

In November, the Bloody Valentine hitmaker told Interview magazine the actress was helping him take the “steps” to give up his drug use and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Machine Gun Kelly Is In 'A F**ked Up Place

Without mentioning the momma of three by name, he shared:

Currently, my drug of choice is happiness and commitment to the art, rather than a commitment to a vice that I believed made the art. I’m taking steps… When you have a partner sitting there with you on those dark nights when you’re sweating and not being able to figure out why you’re so in your head, to help you get out of your head and put it in perspective, that really, really helps.

He went on to elaborate:

I came from a father who was extremely religious and extremely strict and wouldn’t even let me hold my pen the way I wanted to hold my pen. That made me rebel completely and cut off communication completely because I didn’t want to have any common ground with him. I don’t want to have that with my daughter. Honesty is the key to that relationship. But also, as I grow, that same person who I was when I was 25 isn’t who I am now.

Sadly, it sounds like those dark, sweaty nights have been taking their toll on the artist.

But fortunately, it’s not all dark nights for the performer. MGK went on to reveal that millions of viewers watched his musical film Downfall Highs during its premiere weekend. Explaining that 16 million fans tuned in on Facebook alone, he shared:

I just got a call from the label about Downfall Highs…. I’m, like, tripping out. Thanks to everyone who helped us turn the album into its own world and era.

We hope that Machine Gun Kelly continues his sobriety journey. Keep Strong MGK.


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