Little Women LA: Tara Calls Christy a LIAR


Little Women LA: Tara Calls Christy a LIAR

Tonight on Little Women LA Christy is all about her engagement ring and while on Tara wine tasting evening the girls get caddie.

When Christy steals Traci’s spotlight at a wine tasting party all hell breaks loose and these two are ready to throw down and Little-women-la-episode-3-recap-0611-3get nasty. Tara is PISSED off when Christy shows off her ring to the group during Tara’s wine tasting night.

That is just the beginning but thing get real ugly when Tara starts interrigating Elena about why she got married hinting that it was all for a green card. That is when Christy calls Tara out for being RUDE and the two go at it. Tara gets really down and dirty claiming that Christy called her one night admitting that she fell off the wagon one night and had a beer with her fiancee.

Christy immediately leaves and heads home to Todd to tell him the Tara is lied about her drinking a beer. She admits she had to call her sponsor.

The next morning Tara has a sit down with her man to admit she went too far with Christy, but she says that she is tired of all the lies so she called Christy out.

Across town Elena is at the hospital to get results to see if she has a baby she wants to know what kind of dwarfism she has. Elena has to go through a series of tests, x-rays and measurement to find out her type of dwarfism.   She wants to know if about the well being of her baby.  Elena visits a doctor to find out what type of dwarfism she has and determine potential problems that might arise during pregnancy.

Later Tara and Christy meet to hash it out about the infamous beer that Christy says she NEVER drank. The two are both standing their ground and no one seems to want to admit they were wrong. Christy and Tara go head to head over the beer and Tara ends up calling Christy a pathological liar.

Later Tara comes home only to find out that her man Joe is heading out on tour when she needs him the most. She fears the spark may be gone so she plans a date night to make sure they’re still in love after five years.

The next day, Traci goes shopping for a Vera Wang wedding dress with all her girls. Brianna asks Traci about Chirsty and she says that she just wants to have a fun day dress shopping with out Christy trying to steal her spotlight.

When Traci begins to model the dresses the first one is NOT a hit, but  dress two is another strike with the girls because it doesn’t have that wow factor. Traci finds gold with dress number three and Tonya and Elena try to claim they picked the dress, but she can’t wait to marry her fiancee Eric.

Traci is overjoyed about the dress, and then she catches Tara off guard asking her to be her maid of honor. It’s a great moment. Tara is excited.

Elena and her husband Preston get the results from the genetic testing at Children’s Hospital to get the test results on her dwarfism.  The skeletal survey shows pseudoachondroplasia, which is a more proportionate kind of dwarfism that affects her growth plates and cartilage.

When it comes to getting pregnant, Elena finds out that if she was to have a baby, the child would have a 50/50 chance of inheriting pseudoachondroplasia. She finds that she can have a child without complication, but there is always a chance her baby can have the same type of dwarfism.

She and her husband have a serious talk about how hard it was growing up with pseudoachondroplasia because she could not do anything for two years of her life as a child do to her dwarfism. Her husband is very supportive and tells her that they will pray and stay positive.

Later the girls meet with Elena poolside to find out about her type of dwarfism. Tara who is an acon type of dwarfism feels that pseudoachondroplasia dwarfs are beautiful but its a health condition that she has to worry about. Brianna feels she should try to have a baby. Tara is facinated about the results, but when Brianna asks Christy if she and Tara are cool the fight begins.

Christy is FURIOUS with Tara since she continues to claim Christy fell off the wagon drinking a beer with Todd. Christy goes off saying she is 4 years sober and Tara is NOT her friend. She starts to leave but the girls tell her stay and deal with it.

Next week, someone on Little Women: LA might be pregnant…

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