Let It Go!


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It’s a new year and old trends need to fall back because it’s time to Let It Go!

The term  “The Art Of Letting Go” is normally Applied  to the loss of a love or a loved one but in this article it’s all about letting go of those horrible trends that we pray never come back in 2014.

It;s time to Let It Go….

Let-it-go-Skinny Jeans-1

1. Skinny Jeans on Men/Rappers

If you’re name is not Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger or one of the rockers who made those jeans look cool then Stop it!!! No one wants to see a baby maker and his two friends staring at us as you walk down the street.   I think I’ll create a sign that’s says “Skinny Jeans Rappers please don’t apply”


2. Harem Pants

Ladies this is for you, no man wants to see enter a room looking like you just left a MC Hammer meets Aladdin yard sale take note it’s looks like you have elephant toe in that  monstrosity of a garment.

3. Ombré Hair

Really? You do know its 2014 right? Here is a chant I want us all to say together ” two-tone be gone, two-tone be gone, two- tone be gone” now call your beauty salon and make an emergency appointment now.

4. Fedoras

I won’t even start to hurt anyone’s feelings on this one I’ll just simply say

5. Fauxhawks

Ok, I’m all about the say something hair cuts but the Fauxhawk needs to go missing forever like Amelia Erhardt.

Let It Go Fellas:  Let’s put this on our  wish list, no more fauxhawk’s, I don’t want to  see you looking like an American Idol, X factor, or  The Voice reject at the pool this summer okay thanks.

Ok my Kats & Dawgs that’s all for now I’ll be back soon with what you do need in your closet to make you look Picture perfect and now get dressed and let’s rock the rest of 2014 and remember ” if it makes you look like a million bucks then file it under P for perfection”

Beautiful-people-glass-the-tramp-0129-1The Perfection Files:

Presented and written by Glass The Tramp

Love & Roses,
Glass The Tramp 2014