LHHA’s Erica Dixon Launches Dress Line

LHHA's Erica Dixon Launches Dress Line-0126-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) LHHA’s Erica Dixon Launches Dress Line

Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Erica Dixon launched her new dress line, Klass 6, during a red carpet event at Icon Lounge in Atlanta on Saturday night.

I was one of the first people Erica talked to about Klass 6 dresses, which are a lot like the dresses we’ve seen her wear on the red carpet and on LHHA.

Erica told me about Klass 6 last summer:

“It’s for everybody; it’s not pinpointed for any particular female or shape.”

”It’s for everybody, and  it all depends on how you wear the dress. If you want to dress it up, if you want to make it casual, you can do that.”

Klass 6 dresses are available for sale on the website, www.klass6.com.

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