Johnny Depp BEGGED Amber Heard to Cut Him With Knife

Johnny Depp BEGGED Amber Heard to Cut Him With Knife

Johnny Depp BEGGED Amber Heard to Cut Him With Knife!

This is different, but in a chilling audio recording played in a UK court Friday, Johnny Depp repeatedly begged then-wife Amber Heard to cut him as he held a knife. Read on for more details why Johnny Depp BEGGED Amber Heard  to cut him… reports that the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp legal drama seems to have a plot twist.

According to reports, “Pirates of the Caribean” star, Johnny Depp, 57, asked Heard in July 2016.

Depp is heard saying:

You wanna cut me? Cut me wherever you want. You wanna cut me somewhere. On the arm, chest? Where you wanna start? Cut me!

In a rather disturbing audio exchange, you can hear Depp, but he is NOT begging for Heard to cut him.

The audio exchange was played in London’s High Court at Depp’s explosive libel trial against The Sun newspaper – which he says falsely branded him a “wife beater” in a 2018 article based on Heard’s allegations.

In the audio you also hear Heard screaming:

Don’t cut your skin. Please do not cut your skin. Why would you do that? Please do not?

After Heard refused the macabre request, Depp shouted:

Cut, cut, cut!

Then he called her a “p—y” for refusing to do so.

The “Aquaman” star pleaded:

Put the knife down. Just put the f—ing knife down. Don’t!

Depp then told her:

I wanna look at you. There’s a way for the pain to go away.

What we are getting from this is Johnny Depp is a cutter? He appears to need rehab and some serious psychiatric help. He is just so off in his personal life. Great actor with tons of baggage.

Heard concludes in the audio saying:

It doesn’t make it go.

The bizarre incident occurred just one month before the doomed couple signed off on their divorce, according to

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