Naya Rivera Presumed Dead: Her Mom Open-Armed Crying At Lake Piru

Naya Rivera Presumed Dead: Her Mom Open-Armed Crying At Lake Piru

Naya Rivera Presumed Dead: Parents Open-Armed Crying At Lake Piru!

On Friday it was reported that the search for Naya will continue into Saturday, but after another day of hope, the Ventura Sheriff called it that Rivera had presumably drowned.

The search for Naya Rivera is now come to an end after here family came to the lake hoping to be there when then rescued and found their daughter. Unfortunately, the family was unable to find their loved one. Read on… reports that Naya Rivera’s mother and brother visited the place where their loved one disappeared in hope to find their family member.

It was reported on Wednesday the Naya Rivera was presumably dead and now Wednesday report is official.

The image is heart-wrenching as Naya Rivera’s mother, Yolanda, falls to her knees at the dock, her younger brother, Mychal standing next to her where Naya’s boat departed Wednesday.

Yolanda Rivera was on her knees with her arms stretched out toward the water, and her pain can be felt in the emotional photo above.

Naya’s father arrived at Lake Piru on Saturday hoping that his daughter was somewhere still alive. Now Naya Rivera’s father, George Rivera, is hurting and trying to make some kind of connection to get peace with the news.

Here is what is being reported:

According to reports, as of Saturday afternoon, Naya’s body had not been found. Ventura County authorities say she is presumed dead — this after she took the boat out Wednesday with her 4-year-old son, Josey, but never returned. Josey was later found in the boat by himself.

Josey told officials that his mother had gone into the water but never came out.

It’s possible that Naya may have drowned in Lake Piru’s mysterious whirlpools.

It’s the unknowing that is so painful, continually asking why and what happened?

Our condolences goes out to Naya’s family.

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