Joe Budden Addresses Bisexuality Accusations

Joe Budden Addresses Bisexuality Accusations

Joe Budden Addresses Bisexuality Accusations!

It looks like Joe Budden’s sexuality is the topic of discussion once again! What is so crazy is that Joe and his boys were making a longstanding joke that got twisted in the media and now he’s explaining himself again… previously reported that in November of last year, media personality Joe Budden, 41, became a trending topic after seemingly claiming he was bisexual during an episode of his “The Joe Budden Podcast.”

Despite the clip going viral online, many people couldn’t tell if the former “Love & Hip Hop” star was being serious when he said:

I’m bisexual.

In a recent interview with podcast host Math Hoffa, the former rapper shared his take on seemingly announcing his bisexuality to the world. When Budden was questioned about his sexuality, he sarcastically responded:

I’m not ready to share my personal journey. I’m not ready to let you guys into my world.

He continued:

Only in hip hop do n—as think that’s cool. ‘Yo, I heard you say something. Do you like d*ck?’ Only in hip hop do n—as think that that’s not an intrusive question.

He added:

That’s not your place to pull me out of the closet.

When show host Math Hoffa implied that he’s not sexually interested in the “Pump It Up” rapper, Budden fired back,

Even that’s misogynistic. If I’m bi what would make you think that I’m looking at you? What is wrong with you n—as in here? You n—as is nuts, you’re just assuming that you’re the type of a bi n—a.