Jason Collins Announces Retirement


Jason Collins Announces Retirement!!!

The NBA’s first openly gay player, Jason Collins, has announced retirement from the NBA after the Brooklyn Nets didn’t pick this season.

On Wednesday Collins made the announcement at the Barclay’s Center before the Bucks vs. Nets game, CelebNMusic247.com has learned.


The veteran center wrote a piece for Derek Jeter‘s ‘The Player’s Tribune,’ discussing his decision.

Collins wrote on ThePlayersTribune.com:

“In order to understand why I am so lucky to be sitting here today as a person who is finally comfortable in his own skin, you need to understand how basketball saved me.,”

“I needed to live the past few years as an openly gay basketball player in order to be at peace retiring today.”

“There are so many people I have to thank for helping me on my journey,” Collins wrote on ThePlayersTribune.com. “My family, friends, and fans empower me each and every day. My teammates, coaches, and the Brooklyn Nets organization gave me an opportunity. The entire NBA family, where the leadership of David Stern and Adam Silver created an environment that made me feel safe to step forward. My agent, Arn Tellem, who is like the cool uncle everyone wishes they had. All the fans in New York who would see me walking on the street and say, ‘Hey Collins, good luck tonight!’ or ‘We are proud of you!’ To all the people who came out before me and helped clear the path for others to follow. And the many countless individuals who have fought and sacrificed for human and civil rights, period. Thank you.”

Collins will continue to be an advocate for gay professional athletes across all platforms until they are no longer living in fear of being shunned by teammates, fans, and the media.