Former Cash Money Rapper Turk Earns Diploma Before Release

(CelebNMusic247) Former Cash Money Rapper Turk Free In October.

Word is, incarcerated rapper Turk is close to being released from prison.

Turk, a former Cash Money Records star is set to be released from prison on October 12th.

However, Turk has something else to be proud of besides being released and that is he has finally earned his high school diploma.

Turk has graduated from the high school courses at Forrest City, in Arkansas, according to AllHipHop.

After a nine-year stint, Turk can put his prison conviction behind him. In 2003, Turk was convicted for a weapons violation.

Turk is notably known for his rap skills alongside Lil Wayne, B.G. and Juvenile as one of the Hot Boys.

He’s prepping a new album and a screenplay based on is life.

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