Drew Barrymore Brings Back Scream Character

Drew Barrymore Brings Back Scream Character

Drew Barrymore Brings Back Scream Character!

What would happen if Casey Becker survived Scream? Where would she be and what would she do if Ghostface called her again? Well, Drew Barrymore brings back her role as Casey Becker for @DrewBarrymoreTV, reimagining the character’s encounter with Ghostface for 2020. Read on and see what happens to Casey Becker, man, we mean, Drew Barrymore…

CelebnMusic247.com has the latest from the original and most iconic character killing from the Scream franchise, Casey Becker aka Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore famously played the iconic role of Casey Becker in the 1996 movie, forever changing how we’d view Jiffy Pop and the question, “What’s your favorite scary movie?” And now, more than two decades after the film’s debut, Barrymore is asking THIS question: “What if Casey Becker from Scream lived?”

For the sketch, which was shared on her daytime series The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew brought back the signature blonde bob and white sweater that marked her character’s short-lived role in the movie.

There’s no landline phone involved (do those still exist?) in this Scream re-write. Instead, Barrymore – er, we mean, Casey Becker – is strolling down the street with a smartphone in hand, which promptly lights up with a series of menacing text messages. “It’s that time of year again…” Ghostface writes, with no shortage of ghost emojis thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately, this is really what happened to Casey Becker in the original Scream:

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