Ellen DeGeneres CLOWNS Adam Levine For His Celebrity Fragrance

Ellen DeGeneres CLOWNS Adam Levine For His Celebrity Fragrance

Ellen DeGeneres CLOWNS Adam Levine For His Celebrity Fragrance!

Yikes, this had to be embarrassing! See, Ellen DeGeneres had Adam Levine on her talk show to discuss his celebrity fragrance line and how good it smells.

Then, Ellen CLOWNED Adam Levine and made him look like a hypocrite. Read on and see how Ellen made Adam Levine look foolish…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Adam Levine released his celebrity fragrance, Adam Levine for Women and Adam Levine for Men in 2013.

At that time ID Perfumes Chairman and Chief Executive Ilia Lekach explained:

Both fragrances were shaped by Adam’s discerning nose, while the bottles and packaging reflect his particular aesthetic sensibilities. This debut fragrance collection is everything a signature scent should be: both a portrait and extension of the brand itself.

That same year of the scent’s release, Levine shared his celebrity fragrance with DeGeneres while visiting her show. He created a cologne for men and a perfume for women that he seemed ultra-excited about.

Well, Ellen wanted to remind Adam that not only did he prove to be a sellout, but he also NEEDS to remember what he posted on social media because it was there to bite him in the butt.

See two years prior the Maroon 5 frontman took to social media stating:

I also would like to put an official ban on celebrity fragrances. Punishable by death from this point forward.

After roasting Levine, Ellen asked:

You changed your mind…People change their minds.

Levine admitted:

Yeah, money’s a powerful thing. It smells good, though!

DeGeneres attempted.

It does, it smells very nice. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

Yeah, maybe Adam should have deleted the Tweet before releasing his celebrity fragrance. #SMH

Way to go Ellen DeGeneres…love ya for this one!

It seems money was the driving factor for Levine getting into creating a celebrity fragrance, so he was honest about that. His fans loved it. So be it.


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