Saweetie Birkin Bag Comment Sends Wrong Message to Women

Saweetie Birkin Bag Comment Sends Wrong Message to Women

Saweetie Birkin Bag Comment Sends the Wrong Message to Women!

When you use your platform to teach young women to be superficial and materialistic when looking for a man, you teach her mother about morals, values and standards. Read on to see why we disagree with Saweetie Birkin Bag comment… wants to point out that Saweetie may not have had money before her hip-hop career and now that she is with Migos member Quavo she is living her best life, but she proves she is new money.

See, when you neva had anything, and you finally get money, you go out and buy what you always wanted. But telling women to find a man to buy a $5000 Berkin Bag is ridiculous.

It is totally irresponsible on her part. Saweetie is an influential artist and role model for young women who look up to her.

The fact that Saweetie, 26, thought it was cute to go on InstaLive and say:

If he not getting you a Birkin, if he not paying for your bills, then throw that n?-?-?-?a back to the streets.

Shows nothing but immature behavior. it sends out the wrong message to the many daughters in this world who will now want a Hermes Birkin Bag.

FYI: Birkin is probably paying Saweetie to say that to her followers. And it was probably sent to her from Hermes, NOT Quavo. Celebrities get tons of free merch from brands to promote and get their followers to buy buy buy and live outside of their means.

This is part of the machine. Don’t fall for any of it.


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