Bobby Schmurda Explains Zesty Dance Moves

Bobby Schmurda Explains Zesty Dance Moves

Bobby Schmurda Explains Zesty Dance Moves!

The calls for Bobby Shmurda’s release were finally answered earlier this year. The rapper was finally free, coming home to a private jet filled with women and a briefcase presumably filled with cash.

All was in order until a video of Bobby Shmurda surfaced with a new dance move which is being called “Zesty”!!!


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A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks) reports that Bobby Shmurda was put in the hot seat while speaking to DJ Akademiks.

See, DJ Akademiks called out Bobby Shmurda’s “zesty” dance moves which has also been called “twerking” by some of his fans.

He is not twerking in the video, he is waving his arm high and wiggling his hips from side to side, which has many questioning if he got turned out in prison?

Bobby Shmurda says he finds “Zesty dance moves” funny, he responded by saying:

We be laughin’ at that sh*t…You talkin’ ’bout the n*ggas or the girls? You talkin’ ’bout the n*ggas? It gotta be the n*ggas. Alright, so those be the n*ggas that be like, ‘this n*gga Bobby takin’ all the bitches, son. This n*gga Bobby always f*ckin’ on all the bitches.’ Why if Chris Brown whine they ain’t say nothin’? Why if Beenie Man whine they don’t say nothin’?

Ak then said that Bobby is always shirtless:

“N*ggas work out for n*ggas. When I was up in jail, I seen n*ggas workin’ out, right? And n*ggas like, ‘Yeah, son, I’m ready to knock somebody out.’ I be like, ‘this n*gga trippin. Get your ass away from me, n*gga. I’m ready to knock some p*ssy out.

Bobby Schmurda Explains Zesty Dance Moves

Let’s be real, if Schmurda did get a taste of some man-on-man action, he will NEVER admit it because of fear he will lose his fanbase and peers.

If he does dip in the man market you can bet he will keep it on the low. End of discussion. We say this if it makes him happy so be it, it’s his life!

This is the problem with hip hop and its prejudice against gays who support the music, the culture and help make a lot of music hits. The gays are helping rappers to get paid, so suck it up. Also, there are so many rappers that we know F-around on the low its sad hip hop continues to poke fun at Schmurda for swinging his hips.