BET Reportedly Suspected Lil Nas X Was A SATANIST

BET Reportedly Suspected Lil Nas X Was A SATANIST

BET Reportedly Suspected Lil Nas X Was A SATANIST!

Lil Nas X is mad he was not nominated for any BET Award this year. Read on for more details why BET calls Lil Nas X a SATANIST … reports that he talked with Rolling Stone and said BET needed to make sure that he was not a Satanist before considering him for a performance.

A member from the Lil Nas X team did some word play when speaking to Rolling Stone:

The response we got back was, ‘We need to clarify a few things, Is he a Satanist? Are there going to be elements of devil worship or Satan in the show? I was so taken aback by it. We’d been fielding those questions from people for months by that point after the video and the shoes, and of course the answer was no and we obviously got the slot. But it blew our minds.


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Lil Nas X released Satan Shoes ahead of his Montero release. The video depicted him giving the devil a lapdance before killing him.

Let’d not forget the Satan shoes he tried to sell, but got pulled from stores.

Rappe Lil Nas X added:

They say that ‘no one cheered louder’ for me than them that night.  but the BET Awards team was actually very upset that I kissed my dancer onstage and vocalized their discontent with multiple members of my team immediately following the performance.

At the end of the day he is doing whatever his label is telling him to do to make record sales. He is an in your face artist influencing young minds. He is no different than the Smashing Pumpkins or Marylin Manson when it comes to lyrics that promote Satan. There are tons of other rappers just like Lil Nas X.

Its a choice to listen to his music or not. We chose not to and so did BET.