Benzino Challenges 50 Cent To A Celebrity Boxing Match

Benzino Challenges 50 Cent To A Celebrity Boxing Match

Benzino Challenges 50 Cent To A Celebrity Boxing Match!

Zino’s back in the limelight, especially after the release of his latest single, “Zino Vs. The Planet.”

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino has really taken things to the next level after 50 Cent mocked him on social media about allegedly dating Shauna Brooks. He reportedly threatened Brooks, and now he wants to box 50 Cent in the ring… reports that Benzino is ready to fight 50 Cent for poking fun and him on social media.

Ever since Fiddy trolled Zino, he has been furious, threatening to sue anyone who bad mouths him and anyone who is spreading lies about his personal life.

Last weekend 50 Cent continued to troll Zino for his alleged relationship with a transgender woman but the Source co-founder wants to settle their beef in the ring.

Zino posted a video after deleting his Instagram account punching towards the camera and telling 50 let’s settle this like men in the ring…real men fight…they don’t post things on social media.

The 56-year-old Growing Up Hip Hop star even signed the contract with Celebrity Boxing and announced the news with a challenge against 50 Cent. “Let’s throw those right there,” Benzino said as he showed off his hands to the camera.

Zino went on to say to the camera since he is ready to fight.

Listen, man. You want to beat man about things, man? Step in the ring, because that’s [where] men settle their differences. Fuck all that internet shit. Step in the ring.

The “Zster” proceeded to taunt 50 Cent on camera as he signed the contract.

Celebrity Boxing took to social media noting that they are still waiting for 50 Cent to respond:

Maybe Benzino and Celebrity Boxing missed Fiddy’s responce.

He said he is going to make Benzino’s daughter a star on one of his upcoming TV shows. #GLG


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