Benzino Drops New Song “Zino Vs. The Planet” About Coi Leray + 50 Cent

Benzino Drops New Song “Zino Vs. The Planet” About Coi Leray + 50 Cent

Benzino Drops New Song “Zino Vs. The Planet” About Coi Leray + 50 Cent!

Yeah, this happened. Yesterday, Zino shut down the RUMORS about dating a transgender female. 

After all the negative headlines former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Benzino has gone in the studio to air his frustrations. Zino has released a track titled “Zino Vs. the Planet,” where he speaks on his feud with 50 Cent and his daughter, Coi Leray. Continue on since Benzino drops new song… and report that Benzino doesn’t spend much time dwelling on the circumstances involving him and his daughter, who claims he threatened her and her mother because she said publicly that he went broke after The Source folded.

After Leray took to social media to air out their dirty laundry, which included him allegedly threatening her mother after she refused to join the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop, Benzino responded, accusing Coi of being a part of the “social generation” that has no respect for those who came before them.

Zino doesn’t say much in the song other than establishing that he’s got love for her, regardless of where they currently stand with one another.

The track was mostly targeted at 50 Cent, following a number of transphobic posts from the Queens rapper regarding what he claimed to be a relationship between Benzino and trans actress Shauna Brooks. The last time Benzino spoke about his interactions with 50, he mentioned their first meeting where he allegedly helped him after he had been stabbed and showed up at his studio.

The GUHH star stated:

When I first met 50, you know what I’m saying, this was when he got stabbed up at the radio station. … He got stabbed up at the Hit Factory on 54th Street, the big studio that everybody was going to. … He’s bleeding on the side from getting stabbed, okay? He had no money.

Benzino touched on that interaction again in the song, saying:

50 keep it a hunnid/ I helped you when they jumped you/ I should have let them ghost you just like Kanan when they slumped you.

Now, we wait to see how 50 responds…