Benzino Allegedly Caught With With Transgender Female

Benzino Allegedly Caught With With Transgender Female!

Well we have some tea to spill of former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star and Source Magazine CEO Benzino who has allegedly been dating a Transgender woman… and have received a video of Benzino speaking to a Transgeder woman by the name of Shawna.

In the video you hear Benzino telling Shawna that he doesn’t understand that she doesn’t get why dating him is NOT going to work out.

Benzino says that he is an “alpha man” but he is trying to be open to it.

The 55-year-old explains that he has altered his ways and he is open to dating a Transgender woman. But its still all new to him.

Benzo says:

I’m just trying to adapt to this type of world…because who I was before…I’m like that alpha n—a…This shit is all new to me…I’m trying to be open minded about it.

But then I’m like they got me… because wow…the way they got you looking.

I’m not out looking at other trannies. I haven’t even done that.

I love porn…I don’t watch tranny porn…I don’t watch gay porn but hat’s just me…you know what I’m saying!!!

I’m 55 year old nigga…you know what I’m saying! It what it is…

Shawna says:

Ok daddy…I’m gonna try not to be selfish. Ok since you are saying I’m selfish…

Benzino responds:

Yeah because you are not thinking about me and what I could be going through.

Yeah I’m a 55-year old nigga!

In the second video — it seems that he flips the script about being with Shawna saying that its a lot for him right now since its all so new.

Benzo says:

Why can’t you understand that? 

You don’t look fucking bad, I do.

You can never look bad…see in this world you ain’t doing nothing wrong.

Benzino goes on to explain that in the eyes of society he looks like a straight man on the DL.

He states:

It would be wrong if I did.

He asks Shawna why can’t he understand that they can not continue while reassuring her that she is doing nothing wrong.

He adds:

Can’t you get that through your head…You are not looking bad Shawna…you are looking like a fucking chick.

Hey…just a chick she tried to fuck with a n—a!

Benzino concludes by saying in the video that he is the one that looks wrong dating a Transgender female:

I’m looking wrong…because what the fuck are you doing trying to fuck with a Transgender.


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