Benny The Butcher SHOT In Texas

Benny The Butcher SHOT In Texas

Benny The Butcher SHOT In Texas!

Warning to all rappers, stay away from Texas because there is a group of guys shooting, robbing, and killing rappers in Texas.

On Wednesday, rapper Mo3 lost his life in Dallas on the freeway after being gunned down — he tried to run away from the shooter. Then rapper Boosie was shot yesterday after heading to Dallas to pay respect to friend Mo3.

Last night hip hop dentist Dr. Rose was shot multiple times while leaving his office and was hospitalized.

Now, Buffalo, New York artist Benny The Butcher is the latest victim of gun violence in Houston Texas. Read on for more details on Benny The Butcher being SHOT… reports that there seems to be a lot of hatters in Texas after the headlines of multiple rappers being shot in Dallas and Houston.

What we’ve learned is that Benny The Butcher took a bullet to the leg during an incident in Houston.

ABC13 reports:

Benny was reportedly the victim of an attempted robbery in the parking lot of a Walmart parking lot. Five men approached the rap star in an attempt to rob the rapper, who is managed by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

When Benny didn’t remove their glistening diamond chains fast enough, one of the men decided to shoot him in the leg.

TMZ reports that everyone involved in the incident, including the armed assailants, fled the scene after the gunshots rang out.

Benny and his boys eventually made it to a local hospital, where the rapper is being treated for non-life-threatening wounds.