Assassination Attempt: Boosie Nearly Killed In Dallas Texas

Assassination Attempt: Boosie Nearly Killed In Dallas Texas

Assassination Attempt: Boosie Nearly Killed In Dallas Texas!

Yes, we are hearing that just two days after Mo3 murder, his friend and rapper Boosie Badazz was nearly killed in Dallas Texas as well.

On Wednesday, Boosie affiliate and good friend MO3 was murdered in broad daylight on a Dallas freeway. Read on as Assassination Attempt for Boosie Killed is what he needs… reports that a shootout occurred at Big T, a popular shopping center/flea market in Dallas, Texas.

What we are hearing is that it is not clear who fired at who first. Though, many believe that Boosie was the target of a potential assassination.

According to reports, a group of gunmen pulled up near the Louisiana rapper’s Sprinter.

The men appeared to be trying to murder Boosie, according to spectators.

Luckily Boosie’s security team was able to keep him safe. MTO News is hearing reported that Boosie managed to escape his vehicle, with the help of his security – and make it off the scene almost unharmed.

Online reports saying that Boosie was killed are wrong, in other words, CAP- MTO News can confirm. But word is that Boosie was shot once in the leg.

Here is what happened:

While Boosie went to pay tribute earlier to his rapper friend Mo3, who was shot and killed while driving on an interstate in Dallas on Wednesday.

The New Orleans rapper was nearly killed just two days later. He was reportedly hit below the knee after shooters opened fire in the parking lot of Big T’s Plaza. After the shooters sped away, the rapper was taken to a local hospital. A video began circulating on social media following the shooting claiming that Boosie was not injured in the shootout while sharing footage of the parking lot where the shooting allegedly happened.

However, the clip doesn’t list any sources for its claims, and police have said that he was injured and is being treated at a hospital.