ASAP Ferg “Value” Is About Overcome Limitations

ASAP Ferg “Value” Is About Overcome Limitations

ASAP Ferg “Value” Is About Overcome Limitations!

Darold Durard Brown Ferguson Jr., 31, is one of the best rappers on the scene today. His lyrical skills are unrivaled. Like Ice Cube, Ferg also stays ahead of the curve with his catalog of music. Continue on to watch ASAP Ferg “Value” video… can’t get enough of ASAP Ferg and with his recent track and video for “Value” the Harlem born rapper touches on society dealing with the Coronavirus, and the struggles of the black community.

ASAP Ferg uses visuals to make his point on where black culture is today and where it was 100 years ago.

He had this to say about that track:

Look at me now! The ‘Value’ video shows the progression of my people. It starts with imagery of slaves, whips and chains. People of today drive whips (as in cars) and wear chains (as in jewelry). My grandmother recites a poem in the intro of the video speaking on our ancestry and the oppression we went through. The video shows we are still going through those problems, but “look at me now” is also a chant showing how many of us strived to overcome many of the limitations put in front of us. Me making it out of the hood as a big rapper and living in a mansion with art on the walls shows how far we can go.

It was reported by Variety that Ferg hosted a Q&A on his Instagram with Dr. Sampson Davis to help educate his fans on the dangers of Covid-19, visited Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC to speak out about the importance of reaching out to today’s youth, and issued a challenge to fellow rappers to donate meals to their local hospitals — in April he sent Harlem Hospital catering from Melba’s, one of the neighborhood’s most iconic restaurants.

Ferg continues to show his progression with his music. Ferg continues to drop vibes. Back in December, he dropped “Jet Lag”:

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