Ice Cube It’s Time To Use “Black Vote” To Help Change America

Ice Cube Calls Out ‘SNL’ Joke About Rappers Supporting Trump

Ice Cube It’s Time To Use “Black Vote” To Help Change America!

Hip Hop icon and legend Ice Cube is setting the record straight about the importance of voting.

Ice Cube feels that neither party cares what needs to get done for the black community and the wealth gap in America. Read on for more from Ice Cube and the importance of the black vote… reports that former NWA member and creator, Ice Cube is speaking out to spread the word how important the “black vote” in this election.

O’Shea Jackson, best known as Ice Cube took to social media to explain this year the black vote is an “f–kin tool” to help make the change we need in the U.S.

The 51-year-old explains that the black community needs to get the new President behind black America to get things done.

He goes on to say that there is so much deep-rooted pain in the black community that white America will NEVER understand.

We previously remarked about being Black In America, you would never understand being born black, everything seems like bliss until you step out your door, and society has already deemed you a bad seed.

Black American’s are judged by white America from day one, cops automatically deem them, criminals, upper-class society is scared of blacks and white supremacists for some reason believe that the U.S. belongs to them because of their skin.

Does anyone realize that North America is rightfully the Indian’s land? The tribes that the pilgrims murdered and took the land?

Then to make things worse the pilgrims stole Africans from their native land put them on plantations, made them live somewhere against their will, and made them harvest cotton + vegetation?

Did black Americans ask for any of that? NO, so White supremacists should check themselves because they are the ones to blame for all the racism and hatred in this country.

What makes all of this worse is that our President, #45 condones this behavior.

Listen to Ice Cube, because this election is MOST IMPORTANT, and the black vote is crucial.

Trump NEEDS to be taken out of office. Biden NEEDS to win. And as for Kanye West, we do NOT need a man battling the bipolar disease, flying off on rants, disowning his family, then apologizing a week later because he was off his meds.

Kanye West NEEDS to stick to music and worry about his mental health. Being President takes much more work than making an album or clothing line.

We respect Ice Cube for putting up ths video. Thank you.

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