Apollo Confronts Phaedra Parks In A Club


Apollo Confronts Phaedra Parks In A Club!!!

Talk about uncomfortable situations, but when Phaedra is out with her girlfriends at a club in the A, Apollo Confronts Phaedra Parks In A Club.

Like Draya on Basketball Wives LA, Apollo Nida decides to do another pop up in the club and this time he confronts his wife Phaedra, but the loving embrace quickly becomes an uncomfortable situation for everyone around.


Check out Phaedra just wishing her husband Apollo would just get his criminal hands off her. She feels betrayed, and he killed the trust, so this is expected of Parks.

What would you do if your husband pulled bank fraud on innocent people and possibly left them homeless or struggling only for himself to come up and live a lavish life. We understand everyone wants to be financial free, but you don’t screw people over along the way. See Phaedra has morals and she is surely NOT happy with Apollo popping up. She tells him to speak with her privately at home, but he refuses to leave.

Currently people are still asking is phaedra and apollo still together? The answer would be yes, he is in prison and she is living in their home.