Cynthia Bailey Weighs In On Tearful NeNe Leakes


Cynthia Bailey Weighs In On Tearful NeNe Leakes!?!

Tonight Cynthia and NeNe had a heart to heart privately over drinks, but Cynthia was taken back when NeNe teared up claiming that she thought she had a real friend in Bailey.

Cynthia admitted that she missed her friendship with NeNe, but last season when she called her husband Peter Thomas a bitch on national TV, she had a hard time getting over it. It put stress on her marriage to Peter and as time grew and the response from the media Cynthia got more upset and could NOT face NeNe anymore.


Last week RHOATL ended with NeNe getting really upset with Cynthia, going in on her:

The final straw for the besties is when Cynthia started hanging tight with Kenya Moore which cause a riff in their friendship on Leakes side, but tonight the two ladies kissed and made up.

tonight the face off between NeNe and Cynthia continues, but the two ladies find resolution and make up. NeNe apologizes to Cynthia again and she forgives her.

Check it:

When Cynthia went home to tell Peter about she and NeNe making up his Jamaican blood surfaced and he refused to agree with his wife being cool with a woman who continues to disrespect him and Cynthia. He told his wife that he doesn’t want to go back down that road with NeNe and Gregg, he has never been happier without them in their lives.

Well, time has passed and we saw an event that took place a few months back.

Where is NeNe and Cythina’s friendship now?

Well Cynthia Bailey has taken to her Bravo blog to weigh in on a tearful NeNe Leakes, who cried and was very upset she had lost her friend in Cynthia.

Bailey writies:

“When people show you who they are, believe them!” –Maya Angelou


Misery loves company, and I’m no longer making house calls. My dance card is full, and my cup runneth over! One of the last things that I recall saying at the reunion was that I believed my friendship with NeNe had come to the end of the road. I was happy to let bygones be bygones, wish everyone well, and move on with my life. I felt that too many boundaries had been crossed and chose to no longer accept friendships plagued with violations and disrespect. The space apart was a much needed break, and I prayed that time truly would heal all old wounds. That optimism was short lived when my friend (who “loved me like a sister”) felt the need to attempt to publicly disgrace me and imply that I no longer needed to be a part of the show! Now that’s some real sisterly love, right? That one singular moment showed me in HD that NeNe didn’t know the meaning of a real friendship, and yes, the thirst really was real. It was astonishing to watch this woman who “had my back when none of these other bitches did” take the sharpest knife she could find, and gleefully stab me with it with no regard for me or my family. Regrettably for me, I never took heed to the many warnings concerning the wrath of NeNe, because I never truly believed them until I was on the receiving end. It was a very rude awakening, and yet oddly enough the only person I felt sorry for was her.


Time passed and life went on until I found myself seated across the table from my girl, “I was a good friend!” NeNe. Despite everything that had happened, I somehow remained optimistic that we could have the conversation, agree to disagree, have a cocktail, and truly move on. I don’t know what was more stale, the non-conversation that I had with NeNe or the saltines at the table. This clearly was a missed opportunity for both of us to take ownership and responsibility for any of our issues and put them to rest. I knew that seeing NeNe for the first time since the reunion would be emotional, but I chose not to let my emotions take over me. I wasn’t interested in a screaming match or being over talked. I hope NeNe found closure in the conversation that she had with herself.


I know that the “Anna Mae” reference from NeNe was meant to be offensive and disrespectful, however I was actually flattered to be compared to one of the world’s most popular entertainers, the queen of rock and roll herself Anna Mae Bullock AKA Tina Turner. Tina Turner is a legendary icon whose success, talent, strength, spirit, beauty, and class (not to mention her fabulous legs) speaks volumes and needs no introduction. My name being mentioned in the same sentence with her is an honor within itself. I hope this was not a failed attempt to make fun of the fact that at one point in Ms. Turner’s largely successful career and life she was a victim of domestic abuse. All jokes aside, wasn’t NeNe herself a victim of domestic abuse as well?


I thought “Bye Girl” actually meant “Bye” and not “Hello Girl” I’m still talking about you! A girl can only dream that one day these words will eventually have merit and true meaning.
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I would like to send my condolences to Todd, Kandi, their entire family and loved ones for the loss of Miss Sharon. She was an amazing woman and will be greatly missed. On behalf of my family and staff, you all are in our prayers.

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