YG + Kehlani Dating Fake According To Insider

YG + Kehlani Fraudulent According To Insider

Rapper YG and R&B songstress Kehlani have been all over the news lately since they came out as a couple three weeks ago.

Now, a TOP music industry insider is spilling the tea on their relationship saying that it is a made-up relationship to make her look straight to hip hop fans. Read on for more tea spill on YG + Kehlani Dating Fake…

CelebNMusic247.com is hearing that YG is basically Kehlani’s beard since the alleged couple is only together in front of the camera.

Here is what we are hearing about Kelani and YG‘s PR made relationship via MTO:

YG and Kehlani are together for press. Kehlani’s music [sales] took a big hit when she came out as LGBT. She’s trying to change all that by faking a relationship with YG.

If you recall, Kehlani came out as “queer” in 2017 posting pictures of her girlfriend, New Jersey artist Shaina Negron.

As soon as she announced her queer status her popularity quickly took a hit, and she was no longer considered one of the top R&B artists – less than a year after the revelation.

The insider adds:

I think Kehlani is a straight lesbian. That won’t work for her fans, so she’s in a ‘relationship’ with YG.

As for YG, he is doing it for the clout, according to the insider.

It has also been revealed that he’s still with his baby mama:

YG is still with his baby’s mother. The two just had a baby this summer. He didn’t go anywhere.

What do you think of their chemistry? It does look a bit off do you think?

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