Trick Daddy Calls Ebro a FAKE @ss Charlamagne

Trick Daddy Calls Ebro a FAKE @ss Charlamagne

Hot 97s Ebro just ignited a feud with the dirty south after he told Kodak Black to get out if he wasn’t going to say anything about the alleged sexual assault charges against him.

Trick Daddy didn’t take kindly to what Ebro had to say and now he is unleashing his fury on the Hot 97 DJ and morning show host. Read on… reports that Trick Daddy is sounding off about how Ebro and how he handled the Kodak Black interview on Wednesday.

Trick Daddy, born Maurice Samuel Young, feels it was foul on how Ebro Darden tried to get Kodak Black to speak on the alleged sexual assault charges, when he knows damn well he can’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Old Man Ebro took to social media saying that it was not his intention to offend. He didn’t want things to go that way, but Peter Rosenberg is seen trying to school Ebro that his approach was straight up wrong and offensive.

If you didn’t watch the interview, check it here, because you can see it was going fine for 15 minutes until Ebro Darden decided to make a point. Things went left when Ebro said “we take sexual assault very seriously here at Hot97,” and then asked Kodak if he could say something about the charges.

It was out of line, and Rosenberg tried to change the subject but it was already too late.

Now, Ebro is trying to back peddle saying:

This @KodakBlack1k controversy shit is not what was intended from that convo…. disappointed it turned put this way.

Check it:

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