Kodak Black Walks Out on Ebro Over Sexual Assault Allegations Question

Kodak Black Walks Out of Ebro Sexual Assault Allegations Question #SMH

If you can take the heat then get out of the kitchen! Apparently, that is what Kodak Black just did over at Hot 97 when Old Man Ebro started hitting him with some heavyweight questions.

Read on to hear what the Ebro asked Kodak Black because he didn’t want to talk about his sex case or any of his troubles

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Ebro started off the interview with Kodak Black saying that he didn’t want to take the interview but he looked at his rap sheet and wanted to touch on some things.

The interview started with the Haitian rapper Kodak Black telling Ho 97s Peter Rosenberg:

Death around the corned…prison is my next door neighbor.

Just from that, you could already tell Kodak was on the defensive about the interview. It seemed he expected to be judged for the photos of him smoking weed with in front of his son, the charges and the alleged sexual assault case.

This week it was said that Kodak proposed to City Girls Yung Mimi at an amusement park.

The only problem is that things went left when Ebro asked Kodak Black about the most serious criminal charge he’s facing, an alleged sexual assault.

Kodak Black proved he isn’t gonna sit for anyone so he walked out in the middle of the Hot 97 “Ebro in the Morning” interview, recorded Wednesday.

So be it.

If Kodak can’t handle the questions, then go ahead and bounce. The Florida rapper chopped it up with Ebro for about 15 minutes before things went south.

What is crazy is that Ebro doesn’t say anything overtly offensive, but definitely wanted to make a point about how seriously he considers sexual assault allegations. Ebro’s co-host, Peter Rosenberg, tried to change the subject … but Kodak couldn’t be calmed down and stormed out.

To recall, it was reported that Kodak was indicted on sexual misconduct charges well over a year ago. He’s accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in a hotel. Prosecutors claim he pushed her into a wall, onto a bed and then proceeded to assault her … allegedly biting her neck and breast before forcibly having sex with her.

He’s facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

These are the rappers in the hip-hop industry that kids are listening too. Kodak, 69, Trippie Redd, Chief Keef, 21 Savage are NOT good role models for anyone. They proved they got out the hood, but they still got too many hood ways. #SMH

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