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Suge Knight Girlfriend Toi-Lin Kelly Pleads No Contest

Suge Knight Girlfriend Toi-Lin Kelly Pleads No Contest

We previously told you that Suge Knight and his attorney’s were gearing up for his legal battle a couple weeks back. Well, here is what’s been happening in court, since Suge Knight girlfriend Toi-Lin Kelly, has pleaded no contest.

She is denying conspiracy of selling video footage that saw Suge Knight run over two men in his truck during the filming a promo for Straight Outta Compton. Read on about Suge Knight girlfriend…

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Suge Knight Accuses Dr. Dre Setting Him Up

Suge Knight Accuses Dr. Dre of Setting Him Up

No offense to Suge Knight, but haven’t we heard this before? It seems that former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight is convinced that Dr. Dre paid someone to kill him.

Isn’t the the pot calling the kettle black? Read on to see what Suge Knight is saying about Dr. Dre…

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Suge Knight Petition For His Release Surfaces

Suge Knight Petition Surfaces, Asking For Support

Suge Knight petition surfaces! The petition is asking for support since Knight has been locked up for the death of Terry Carter.

Suge Knight‘s son Suge J Knight wrote an open letter about his father back in March stating his father was being neglected. Read on and get more details on the Suge Knight Petition

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