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Jim Jones: 'LA Fitness Caught Profiling At Their Best'

Jim Jones: ‘LA Fitness Caught Profiling At Their Best’

Did LA Fitness just profile rapper Jim Jones? The Dipset rapper took to Instagram to air his frustrations and share an altercation he was racially profiled & lied to at an LA Fitness in Los Angeles.

Jim Jones simply asked to use LA Fitness’ phone charger via their computer, and they weren’t having it. Read on to see what happened next…

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President Obama Pens Letter About Black Voter Discrimination

President Obama Pens Letter About Black Voter Discrimination-ny-times-0813-1

President Obama Pens Letter About Black Voter Discrimination!!!

Obama has his haters like Jessie Jackson, who continues to cut down America’s first black president, but now President Obama Pens Letter About Black Voter Discrimination!

Despite civil rights activist and Baptist minister, Jessie Jackson’s views on President Obama and how he hasn’t done enough for the black community. Jackson said that Obama was ”talking down to black people”. President Obama has to worry about the people, which means ALL Americans, NOT just blacks. However, we would like to point out that discrimination has been at an all time high and more young black men have been slain by police more than ever.

Does this have to do with a backlash of a black President?

Why such hatred towards young black teens than ever before?

All these questions are coming to the forefront and of course in the final years of President Obama and being our first black president. Which leads us to the next BIG issue (and the only thing politicians truly worry about) is voters.


The Voting Rights Act of 1965 eliminated prejudicial voting restrictions towards black and Hispanic voters. Yet today, black voters in the United States today face similar restrictions to those in the 1940s. This alarmed a New York Times reporter and President Barack Obama, who penned a letter to the editor with his concerns.

For four decades, the act stopped segregationists by giving the federal government the power to make universal voting laws. It barred states from issuing literacy tests, allowed registrars to accept forms of identification more common among the black community, and extended the voter registration deadline to Election Day. Black voters increased in number, though over the years Republicans targeted the Voting Rights Act. Since 2000, at least 13 states have enforced laws to undo the act’s progress, the New York Times reports.

Obama wrote:


“These efforts are not a sign that we have moved past the shameful history that led to the Voting Rights Act.”

“They remind us that progress does not come easy, but that it must be vigorously defended and built upon for ourselves and future generations.”

For example, such a bill reportedly passed in North Carolina in 2013 without one vote by Democratic support. Now a law, it restricts Rosanell Eaton, a black voter who fought Jim Crows laws 70 years ago, from registering. She, the North Carolina NAACP, and other activists act as plaintiffs in a case against the state. They claim the law violates the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments as well as the original act. The President calls for the aid of Congress and state legislatures to uphold the Voting Rights Act of 1965. “I am where I am today only because men and women like Rosanell Eaton refused to accept anything less than a full measure of equality,” he wrote. “It is now up to us to continue those efforts.”

Read more of President Obama’s response to the New York Times here.


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UNCALLED4: 14 Year Old Girl Attacked By Texas Cop

Texas Police Officer Attacks 14-Year-Old Girl at Pool Party-0608-1

#UNCALLED4:  14 Year Old Girl Attacked By Texas Cop!!!

The heat was blazing in Texas, but a pool party that got out of hand turned violent in McKinney after a 14 Year Old Girl Attacked By Texas Cop

CelebNMusic247.com has this report after we got word that a Texas Police Officer Attacks 14-Year-Old Girl at Pool Party.

Here’s the report via CBS11:


Texas is currently going viral. Residents in Craig Ranch, McKinney – a predominantly white neighborhood – complained about “multiple juveniles at the location, who did not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave.”

Did we mention the partying teens were mostly African-Americans? According to witnesses, a fight broke out at the party in question after a call to the police was made. An officer said he was approached by a group that refused to take his orders. Luckily, someone pulled out his phone and taped the whole situation.

In the 7-minute clip, the same cop restrains a 14-year-old girl in a bathing suit, grabbing her by the head and pushing her face into the ground, before putting his knees in her back and handcuffing her. We have to warn you, at this point the footage gets pretty disturbing.

McKinney Police Department took notice of the video and the officer has reportedly been suspended. 

Watch the disturbing clip:

An investigation of the incident is pending.

First off, The girl is 14 years old and police are getting WAY OUT OF LINE and the Texas cop who attacked this poor girl who was attending a pool party should be FIRED!

He should NEVER be able to work as a officer of the law, a security guard at Home Depot or anywhere that gives him authority. He is a disgrace as an officer of the law. He puts a bad name on cops everywhere.

Our word of advice when throwing parties. If the get out of hand, then call the cops yourself, tell them it’s your party and that its out of control. Also tell police to calmly do their job or you have the right to legal actions against them. AND most of ALL – NEVER RUN from a cop, they’re too trigger happy these days. #Yolo

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