White Cops Brutally Punching Black Man Proves They’ve Learn NOTHING

White Cops Brutally Punching Black Man Proves They've Learn NOTHING

White Cops Brutally Punching Black Man Proves They’ve Learn NOTHING!

These three white cops have LEARNED NOTHING after the Derek Chauvin verdict. Since the verdict, Chauvin is on suicide watch. Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matter South Bend celebrates a small victory. These cops best realize they’ve been caught on cam and then may be the next ones going to jail. What they did to this man is unacceptable. We smell LAWSUIT!

Police brutality continues in Grand Rapids as three white cops continue punching a Black man in the face at least 6 times during his arrest that was, at least initially, for littering.

This NEEDS to STOP… Like Lebron James posted “ACCOUNTABILITY!” Read on…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that bodycam footage of a March 26 incident in Michigan where Grand Rapids PD officers pulled over Diabate Hood.

The upsetting part of this video is that the man is covering his face and trying to protect himself screaming for them to stop.

This is so F’d up! And what makes it worse is seeing how two cops stop a third cop from doing the same thing to a white woman. If she was black they wouldn’t have stepped in. Racist much?

According to reports, Hood had 2 other men in the car with him, but he refused to step out like his passengers.

The full video shows Hood apparently trying to flee from cops by jumping from the driver’s seat and sliding out the passenger side door, but 3 officers immediately pounced on him … and that’s where the violence begins.

As you can see … Hood is being held down by the 3 cops, and one begins delivering several blows to his face. As he screams, the other officers can be heard yelling “stop resisting.” Moments later, Hood claims he can’t breathe as officers hold him down.

According to Grand Rapids police … the traffic stop was part of its Operation: Safe Neighborhoods program in response to an uptick of violent crime in the area, and claim they had “timely and accurate intelligence” to justify it.

In fact, Grand Rapids PD Chief Eric Payne says:

This is the police work that I expect from my personnel.” It’s unclear if he’s referring to the seemingly unnecessary punches that were thrown — but the department claims they did find 4 weapons in Hood’s vehicle. So, the littering stop turned into 3 felony arrests.