R. Kelly Royalty Checks Ordered To Pay Child Support

R. Kelly Royalty Checks Ordered To Pay Child Support

It’s been quite on the R. Kelly front for over the past seven days until now. According to new reports.

Kellz has been ordered to use royalty payment from his extensive music catalog to pay his ex-wife child support. Get more details on R. Kelly’s child support to be paid by his royalty checks…

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that R. Kelly’s child support MUST BE PAID.

R. Kelly has no choice but to use royalty checks earned from his extensive music catalog to pay his ex-wife child support.

TMZ has this report regarding R. Kelly royalty checks and how they NEED to be used:

A judge just ordered the R&B singer to use his royalties from entities such as BMI and Sony to pay Drea Kelly the $20,833 he owes her each month, via legal docs, obtained by the site.

Drea Kelly, who was one of the women behind ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ has been after her ex for years and now with him behind bars she is relishing in it.

See, Drea now has the support of the legal system since he’s locked up which makes sense why Drea’s been coming after Kelly for back child support.

At one point Kelly was so far behind on payments he ended up in jail. He eventually squared things up for that tab, but he’s gotta keep up with the monthly payments.

As for Kelly, who is currently asking the court to dismiss his federal child pornography charges is also asking for the court to cut him a little slack.

The judge replied to Kellz request stating that the child support payments MUST BE DRAWN from his hefty royalties. Kelly has written for dozens of artists and has way more money coming in than people realize. Kelly’s songwriting is under multiple names, which is why some people don’t realize he wrote the songs.

In the meantime, Kelly is currently in jail awaiting trial on numerous federal and state charges. His next court date is in Brooklyn.

What do you think about R. Kelly royalty checks being used for child support?

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