K Michelle Makes Headlines For Being FADED

K Michelle Makes Headlines For Being FADED

R&B singer K Michelle apparently had too much to drink over the weekend because she decided t go on Instagram live FADED AS A M*******a and accidentally reveal too much!

Read on for the tea spilling on K Michelle

K Michelle Makes Headlines For Being FADEDCelebNMusic247.com is hearing RUMORS that K Michelle drank some type of VODKA-CONCOCTION and she got extremely intoxicated.

Here is what we are hearing via one of the tabloids:

K Michelle was going live on Instagram last night to her 5 million followers, Michelle spent roughly two minutes barely uttering a sound while laying on the bed topless. And she didn’t make much of an effort to cover up, much to the shock (or delight) of everyone who viewed the impromptu session in real time.

It was clear that Kimberly was unclothed in her bed underneath the covers. And each time she moved, she accidentally exposed another part of her body.

In the video [via MTO] you see K drinking the concoction out of a Gatorade bottle, and she is so FADED she can hardly move.

We can say one thing about K. – She knows how to party and the second she is an open book like Keyshia Cole. You can talk all the smack you want but it always comes from Kimberly herself. How many artists can you say is the REAL about their ish?

And what?

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