Hold Up Is That City Girls JT Sniffing Cocaine

Hold Up Is That City Girls JT Sniffing Cocaine

Hold Up Is That City Girls JT Sniffing Cocaine?

Oh girl, please don’t tell us you out there like that making a fool of yourself doing drugs on InstaLive. Continue on because you have to see this video of City Girls JT Sniffing Cocaine…

CelebNMusic247.com just got some hot tea to spill on City Girls member JT (Jatavia Shakara Johnson) who was spotted last night on Live allegedly sniffing cocaine.

Juicy J just took to social media apologizing for influencing drug culture through music and then this happens. What a damn shame.

The tea spill began when some on social media started speculating that the female mc may have been sniffing cocaine, in the middle of her Live.

[checkout JT caught sniffing cocaine]

JT, was chopping it up with and her partner Caresha Romeka Brownlee (Yung Miami), but every few minutes Jatavia is seen leaning over to the side and snorting. One time you can see white powder on her face.

It was obvious that she was skiing the powdery slopes of Coke Valley.

Now we got the tea from MTO who reports:

In the video, JT appears to be extra jittery – which is a bit strange on its own. But the pretty rapper also seems to keep sniffling. Both are symptoms of recent cocaine use.

Then things get even more bizarre. On at least 3 times during the Livestream, JT moves off-camera, and you can hear her sniffing loud. Some are suggesting that she went off-camera – so that she could do a line of cocaine.

[checkout JT caught sniffing cocaine]

City Girls JT was recently incarcerated in federal prison for credit card fraud. She was released this year, and the duo has been burning up the charts ever since.

Some people NEVER Learn! Fans Don’t make this your role model.

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