Dr. Dre + Wife SUED by Two Former Employees

Dr. Dre + Wife SUED by Two Former Employees

Dr. Dre and his wife are being accused of poor treatment of two former housekeepers not allowing their staff to take proper meal and rest breaks.

Read on to see why Dr. Dre and his wife SUED by two employees for unfair working conditions…

Dr. Dre + Wife SUED by Two Former Employees

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that Ines Cornejo and Diana Brenes have joined together in a lawsuit against Dre and his wife, Nicole Young.

According to the court documents obtained by The Blast, Cornejo says she worked as a laundress for the Youngs from September 2015 through September 2018. The family had a lot of laundry to do because Cornejo says she was provided only a few minutes to eat during her shift.

She also says her meal breaks were often later in her shift and were frequently interrupted or cut short entirely. In addition to the poor working conditions, she claims she was not given rest breaks or paid for the rest breaks she was not given, as the law dictates.

Dr. Dre and his wife should know this is not a movie set or a production so those rules do NOT apply. The ladies are domestic help and they are entitled to two 15 minute breaks (paid) and 1 hour lunch (no paid) for an 8 hour shift. If they are working longer hours then they are entitled to 3 15 minute breaks (paid) and time and a half for every hour over 8, when the hit 12 hours, then its double time. That is the law.

Anyways, Ines Cornejo aslo revealed that she was NOT given proper meal and rest breaks and says her meal breaks were often cut short by Dre and his wife with requests to “immediately resume cooking or cleaning.

It sounds like SLAVERY!

Just because he and his wife are black doesn’t mean they can’t act like slave owners. We get he is worth, but he and his wife need o remember what it was like working hard check to check to raise a family. We know for Dre it was before his NWA days, but he needs to remember how he hated being disrespected.

Dr. Dre and his wife are faing several other labor violations.

Ines Cornejo and Diana Brenes are seeking unspecified damages.

Dr. Dre and Nicole Threatt got married in 1996 and the marriage has lasted more than 20 years. They have two children: Truice Young, born in 1997 and Truly Young, born in 2001.


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