Cuba Gooding Jr. Partying Amidst Impending Court Date

Cuba Gooding Jr. Partying Amidst Impending Court Date

Cuba Gooding Jr. is due in court on charges that he groped a woman at a Manhattan bar in June — but that hasn’t slowed down his partying.

According to reports Cuba Gooding Jr. is still having a good ole time. Read on about Cuba Gooding Partying

Cuba Gooding Jr. Partying Amidst Impending Court Date has the latest on Cuba Gooding Jr. who was spotted out with gal pal Claudine De Niro at Richie Romero’s Gramercy cocktail lounge Hidden Lane.

A spy said this about Cuba Gooding Jr. partying:

He was in good spirits. He was sipping cocktails with Claudine. They were super close all night and hanging out with a small group of friends.

PageSix reports:

The duo later hit up Karaoke One 7 for a night of singing, where a seemingly tipsy Gooding belted out Journey’s “Faithfully.” He even got others to join in.

Sometimes when life throws you a curveball, you have to hang with friends to blow off some steam. It seems that people are trying to make something out of nothing.

Cuba is just living his life and enjoying his freedom because you never know what will happen tomorrow. We say screw the tabloids Cuba Gooding Jr. and do you man.

The star has pleaded not guilty, and is set to appear in court next on Oct. 10.

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