Cardi B UNAPOLOGETIC Wishing Reporters Mom “Gets AIDS”

Cardi B UNAPOLOGETIC Wishing Reporters Mom "Gets AIDS"

Earlier in the week, Cardi B went viral earlier when she went off telling a reporter that she wishes his mother “gets AIDS.”

Well, a few days have passed and now Cardi B Unapologetic about going off on an Access Hollywood reporter. Read on…

Cardi B UNAPOLOGETIC Wishing Reporters Mom "Gets AIDS" reports that Cardi B’s comments about hoping that an Access Hollywood reporter mom “catching AIDS” are being blasted, by many in the LGBT community.

Many activists have asked Cardi to apologize, both to the reporter, what she said about Joe Budden and then to the community at large for her choice of words.

The LGBT community is trying to abolish the stigma of AIDS, but comments like this help keep the divide there and the fear as well.

As for Cardi B, she’s NOT apologizing to anybody…PERIOD!

Watch how Cardi decided why she is NOT apologizing for Shhh!


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It’s a sign of weakness when a person cannot apologize when they know they are wrong. This is why I have no sympathy for her.

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Yesterday, Cardi went on social media to explain that she does not apologize for what she said about the reporter. She says she was angry, and she “said what she said.”

During her rant, she also told fans that she doesn’t believe in receiving “bad karma” for wishing AIDS on someone.

Cardi told fans:

I don’t believe in Karma coming back on me.

Karma gets everyone, so maybe she might think about it. Without the LGBT community support and the many activists, her raging career could implode.

We’ll see…

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