Cardi B SNAPS on Access Hollywood For Clickbait

Cardi B SNAPS on Access Hollywood For ClickBait

Cardi B goes off on Access Hollywood for using her daughter Kulture as Clickbait!!!

The “Money” rapper is NOT holding her tongue when it comes to Access Hollywood for posting a FAKE HEADLINE that reads “Cardi B admits Kulture calls someone else ‘Mommy’.” that right there is fighting words! Read on to see Cardi B Snaps on Access Hollywood for clickbait has that latest from Cardi B who went OFF big time that she will NEVER do press to some BS CLOUT CHASING media outlet Access Hollywood for CLICKBAIT.

Cardi B is still learning how to juggle her career and be an active mom, but she is FURIOUS that the media is saying otherwise.

The “Press” rapper goes in saying that she wishes that everyone at “Access Hollywood catches AIDS and dies.” She is NOT playing when it comes to the outlet, but we get it.

We agree with Cardi 100% – People who lie about others for clickbait, self-gain or try to sabotage their careers or business are DIRT! They are the grim in the toe jam and deserve to be flushed down the toilet and dwell in the sewer. Any woman or man who tries to use the MeToo movement or anything similar for self-gain lying about people should be RUINED. We back Cardi B with what she is saying.

So what if she is NOT working on new music right now. She is riding her wave working with other avenues to build her empire. She made it in the industry and got past the bootlickers and the slugs who love to keep people down.

Now she is doing what she wants, but she is still juggling her career and being a mom. No one lives in her shoes except Cardi B. #FACTS

Cardi is FURIOUS with Access Hollywood for spreading LIES about her 1-year-old daughter Kulture and then calling her a bad mom. Budden and Access brought out a side of Cardi that they NEVER expected, but she has a good reason.

On Thursday, Cardi went on InstaLive RIPPING Access Hollywood allegedly editing an interview she did with them making it seem like Cardi is a bad mother.

The MC screamed to her 59,000 Instagram live viewers:

Don’t cut sh-t off to try to make me look like a fuck @ss mom because that’s something that I’m not!

Cardi claims she explained that she tries to spend as much time with Kulture as possible. She says she tries to spend 5 hours a day with her daughter which is more than a lot of moms doing less. Then Cardi clarifies that she told Access that she would have to be in a situation where Kulture had too many babysitters and didn’t recognize her as a mom. She said the publication edited out crucial parts of her two-minute-long answer that were taken out of context.

So the “Please Me” rapper makes it CLEAR:

Don’t use my mother f–king kid for clickbait!

Access Hollywood eventually removed the interview in question from their site. Access NEEDS to realize they are NOT MTO and NEED to stay doing what they’ve been doing fluff.

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