Young Buck CLAPS BACK At Gay Scandal Questions

Young Buck CLAPS BACK At Gay Scandal Questions

Young Buck CLAPS BACK At Gay Scandal Questions!

Over the past year or so former G-Unit rapper Young Buck has been put on bast for allegedly hooking up with a transgender female who still has all their man parts. Social media has continually let him have it for having sex with men, especially after a video surfaced a while back of him having intercourse with the same sex. Read on because Young Buck decided to answer questions from fans about his sexuality on Instagram Live yesterday…


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A post shared by Young Buck (@buckshotz) has learned that Young Buck attempts to answer questions from fans on Instagram Live yesterday about having a relationship with a transgender female.

Young Buck, who was busted after the transgender female leaked phone messages and video that she claims showed that the two were in a relationship.

Since then, Buck has been plagued with “gay” Rumors.

50 Cent has trolled Young Buck for months and neither has some fans. This past year Fiddy invited Buck to come out of the closet, so Buck fired back with a defamation lawsuit threat.

Fast forward to now, the rapper asked fans to join his live, if they had any questions for him – so one man brought up Buck’s gay scandal. And it all went left.

The man started the Live by asking Buck:

What’s up d–k s–king n–ga?

Then he asked the former G-Unit rapper:

So, are you still s–king d–k from the back?

Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, who couldn’t handle the heat FIRED BACK with this reply:

No, but your mama is.

He then ended the Live.

These days, he is a music executive, who heads his own record label, Cashville Records, and is a former member of the hip hop groups G-Unit and UTP Playas.