YOTD CD PARTY: Angelo Moore’s Dr. Madd Vibe & The Missin Links 

It all went down in Los Angeles when Angelo Moore’s Dr. Madd Vibe & The Missin Links hit the stage at the Redwood Bar on May 10th.

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CelebNMusic247.com was front and center and photographer Chirs Brody was there to capture all the highlights from Angelo Moore’s Dr. Madd Vibe & The Missin Links performance.

Adoring fans danced, skanked and went nuts as lead vocalist, Chezere Braithwaite unleashed energy that drove fans wild. It was a night of multi-tempo tunes that electrified the Redwood Bar.

Fishbone’s lead singer Angelo Moore sideband was a hard, funky, eclectic set of soulful ska music with an infusion of punk which had everyone is in love with Dr. Madd Vibe. The band is currently out on tour and we highly recommend catching them on tour which wraps in June. [Get Tour dates here]

The multi-talented Moore was on vocals, keyboards, sax, and Theramin.

Dr. Madd Vibe & The Missin Links gave fans exactly what they wanted from a Funk-Ska band. Keeping true to his funk-ska roots Angelo’s band (Chezere Braithwaite, Princess Frank Luis, Ben Kishaba, and Aroyn Davis) brings it to the stage twisting in their own creativity making them completely unique.

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The band has all the elements of Fishbone and more with high energy, passion and just pure love for making music that makes you want to move and have fun.

The funk-ska band mixed things around when they hit the stage, but its all about the energy when you see them live. If you ever had a chance to see Fishbone live then you know what we are talking about. All we can tell you is that we had a lot of fun with the band at The Redwood Bar in Los Angeles.

Then kept it going and really made it a special night of fun. it was like being back in the 80s all over again.

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