Will Chink Work It Out With Chrissy?


Will Chink Work It Out With Chrissy?

Before Chick Santana decided to meet with Chrissy, he has a day out with the guys  [Rich Dollaz, Cisco and Mendeecees] to talk about their dramas.

Instead of the barber shop, the guys do what men do, they meet up at the strip club to work out their ladies troubles why stripper dance and drop it like its hot.

Mendeecees tells the guys about the fight with his mom and baby mama’s mom, while Cisco weighs in on Diamond seeing another man and moving on. He admits that he is NOT surprised, but he thinks she looks foolish since she did it so quick. As for Chink, he is coming to the realization that maybe he and Chrissy Crastanda should work it out as Rich gives some smart advice.

Later, Chink takes his woman Chrissy Crastanda out for dinner to work things out and to tell her loves her.



Chink tells her that he wants to speak with her, but he feels that she is not being fair to him. Chrissy quickly responds, telling him if he really loves her let her go so she can find a man who wants to give her a baby and more. Chink explains that he is that man, he just needs time, so he insists that she writes a contract on what she wants and he will do what she needs, because he does really love her, he just doesn’t know how to express it.

In his own way, Chink Santana tells Chrissy “that he really do love her” and if she is willing to have a baby together and that it will be both of their decision, then he will honor her needs.

She happily accepts and then, Chrissy makes jokes on how Chink shows his love saying, “I really loves you bitch…I loves you.”


The two make up and are back on track.

Watch Chrissy Crastanda and Chink Santana come to a common ground:

Later at the pool hall, Chink reveals that he says that he promised he was going to file for divorce, but his father is real sick and the time is not right. His brother Black flies up from DC to give him an update on their father. Chink says he wants Black to meet her, but he says “I don’t want to meet her” – he feels that Chink needs to stay with his wife and kids and his father has a problem with Chink wanting a divorce.

Chink says that he wants them to respect Chrissy and understand that he is in a relationship and that she’s not some video chick who just want to suck his d.

We hope it works out.

What do you think? Would you take Chink back?