Why Rory and Mal Contradicted Themselves With JBP

Why Rory and Mal Contradicted Themselves To Joe Budden

Why Rory and Mal Contradicted Themselves With JBP!

The Joe Budden Podcast has had some serious controversy over the past couple of weeks, but when it comes down to Rory and Mal they truly contradicted themselves during episode 436.

During that podcast it seemed like Joe, Rory and Mal have squashed their six-week feud, but apparently not. Read on why Rory and Mal Contradicted Themselves

The following week Joe Budden was heard in a leaked audio and video stating that Rory and Mal breached a contract for their actions, CelebnMusic247.com.

So here are the main reasons why Rory and Mal contradicted themselves and why Joe had to fire them.

During the conversation, Rory and Mal made it clear that it was not about money and not about the podcast.

That is interesting because the whole time they continued to ask Joe Budden about the accounting.

If it’s not about money, then why would Rory and Mal be worried about accounting?

Next, Mal said to Joe it was about respect and friendship, which Joe Budden said was a mistake. Mal said he doesn’t care about the podcast.

Why? Mal is Kareem “Biggs” Burke, the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records along with Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Damon “Dame” Dash, younger brother. Mal is around Jay Z and Beyonce all the time so he knows the ins and out of the game. He also doesn’t need money because he already has money.

Now we want to bring this to the forefront, Mal made it a point that he doesn’t care about podcasting. So why is Mal promoting a new podcast with Rory?

Rory and Mal look stupid for striking for six weeks, then they turned on Joe Budden. Joe made them both millionaires and gave them somewhere around $5000. n Bitcoin way back in the day.

They have come up, and now the flipped on Joe, the man who made all the deals, carved his lane for himself in the podcast world. Rory and Mal have literally come off ungrateful for what Joe Budden did for them. No one would know who they are if it wasn’t for Joe. It’s funny how fame changes people.

Let’s not forget Akademics RIPPED, Rory, and Mal.