Rory & Mal Have A New Podcast On The Way

Rory & Mal Have A New Podcast On The Way

Rory & Mal Have A New Podcast On The Way!

Well, it’s happening, days after Rory & Mal issued an hour-long response about their departure from The Joe Budden podcast. get more details on the new Rory & Mal Podcast…


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A post shared by MAL (@mal_bytheway) reports that following the fallout between Joe Budden, former duo has apparently moved on with their own podcast.

Before they got AXED, Rory and Mal’s return to the show was short-lived since Joe announced that the former had officially been fired on the episode.

Joe Budden has issued apologies to Rory, but he says he still needs to speak to Mal. But the duo doesn’t seem phased since

The Joe Budden Show has continued on with his replacement co-hosts Ish and Ice, the two friends that replaced Rory and Mal when they went on strike.

Now that the duo has united against Joe, it appears they were shopping their own show this whole time. Rory and Mal are taking their chemistry to form their own. Over the weekend, fans received a taste of what a Rory & Mal podcast can look like after they released an hour-plus long response to Joe Budden.

In the episode, they discussed their issues stemming from accounting and credit for building the podcast from the ground.

No one really knew what exactly the two would have in store for the future but it seems that they will be forming their own platform. Mal took to Instagram where he unveiled what appears to be artwork for their own podcast, presumably titled, New Rory & Mal.

He didn’t elaborate any further than using an orange and money bag emoji in the caption.

We’ll keep you posted on any more updates on the first episode of their podcast.

Will you be listening to Rory and Mal or sticking with Joe?