Why Jennifer Lopez Pulled The Trigger on A-Rod

Why Jennifer Lopez Pulled The Trigger on A-Rod

Why Jennifer Lopez Pulled The Trigger on A-Rod?

Yes, this happened today. Jennifer Lopez pulled the trigger on the devastating breakup with Alex Rodriguez! Read on for more details on Jennifer Lopez and the A-Rod split…


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CelebnMusic247.com reported the sad news which broke on Friday afternoon that the power couple had called off their engagement after being together for four years.

While it isn’t as simple as just blaming it all on A-Rod’s line-crossing phone calls with a hot young reality star, we did assume right away it was Jennifer who called it quits. Alex was trying to keep his indiscretion on the low with an NDA, but the tea was spilled on Southern Charm reunion.

A source speaking to E! News says that’s exactly the case — and that it came down to trust issues:

Jennifer has ended things with Alex. After months of questioning things and fighting, Jennifer felt like she could no longer trust Alex anymore.

You can’t blame Jennifer. Just think if it was you, and you found out that the man you are going to marry is reaching out to a TV star 20 years younger than you.

We get it, it’s insulting, humiliating, and devasting! Especially when it’s the man you are in love with. Jennifer posted a cryptic message on Instagram. (above)

But the source said “months of questioning things” — and the Madison thing only happened at the end of January.
A source speaking to People says the death spiral was actually going on for three months.

They have been on the rocks for almost three months now. They’ve been trying to keep it together for the kids but everyone knew it wasn’t going to work.

Their friends in Miami actually got a big clue the couple was OVER!

When they backed out of their mansion purchase it was apparent the relationship had soured.

The source said:

They were going to buy a mega-mansion together and then that didn’t happen, once they backed out of the deal all their friends down here knew.

The cheating scandal was the final straw for JLo.

Another source told People:

They started having problems during the lockdown. They did therapy together. They really worked on their relationship.