Christina Ricci Ex-Husband Files For Spousal Support and Joint Custody

Christina Ricci's Ex-Husband Files For Spousal Support and Joint Custody

Christina Ricci Ex-Husband Files For Spousal Support and Joint Custody!

Ricci’s ex-husband James Heerdegen has put his ex-wife on notice that he expects her to pay spousal support. Read on…


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A post shared by Christina Ricci (@riccigrams) has learned via The Blast that James Heerdegen claims he has no intention to pay spousal support to Ricci.

When it comes to separate property, Heerdegen states:

The full nature and extent of Respondents’ separate property assets and obligations are not presently known.

It is being reported that Heerdegen may amend his response at a later date to determine his separate property.

If you recall, Christina Ricci filed for divorce back in July of 2020, citing irreconcilable differences. Ricci is seeking sole custody of their son and claims any financial support will be determined at a later date. Christina And James wed back in 2013.

Christina and James are still on good terms as to their date of separation, which they both claim is June 25, 2020.

However, their date of separation is significant because according to our law enforcement sources, the ‘Addams Family’ star called 911 around 9:20 am on June 25, 2020, claiming she had been assaulted by Heerdegen, during an argument that turned violent.

The “Monstrous” star is set to face off with her ex-husband in court in May because they have each filed separate domestic violence restraining orders, and have made serious allegations against one another.

Christina Ricci side of The Story:

Christina Ricci filed her request for emergency protection after she claimed Heerdegen allegedly SPIT on her. Ricci told investigators her husband had been “verbally abusive” and she needed an emergency restraining order because she was in “fear of her husband”. Ricci claims one incident got so out of hand that Heerdegen allegedly grabbed her by the wrists, began spitting on her, and started making pig noises in her face.

James Heerdegen Retaliates:

James Heerdegen fired back at his ex-wife, citing his own claims of Ricci’s alleged alcohol and substance abuse posing a very real threat of danger to their son. In Heerdegen’s request for his domestic violence restraining order, he claims Ricci’s alleged conduct should be reported to the Department of Children and Family Services for investigation. Heerdegen has alleged that Ricci’s attempts to obtain leverage and control of their son has led to filing a false police report and false domestic violence allegations against him.

In May, Ricci and Heerdegen will face a Los Angeles judge to determine if a permanent stay-away order will be placed against the former couple. Also, orders can be made as to the physical custody of their son Freddie.