Why is Ellen Warning Jodie Foster About her Girlfriend?


(CelebNMusic247 – News) Why is Ellen Warning Jodie Foster About her Girlfriend?

In October of 2013 Jodie Foster stepped out in public with photographer Alexandra Hedison, for the first time since rumors broke that the pair are dating, but Ellen is warning Jodie to watch out!

A source told E! Online of Foster and Hedison.

“It’s pretty serious…They’re totally in love.”

Rumor has it, that Ellen Degeneres is worried for her friend Jodie Foster and there may be Trouble in paradise for the happy couple. See Ellen dated Alexandra Hedison for three years, but the couple split after Degeneres had sneaky suspicion that she was writing a tell all about their relationship. Apparently when Ellen confronted her girl she said, “I’m just writing a book about my experiences in LA”, so Ellen did some investigation and allegedly found she was writing about their relationship, so she broke the relationship.

Sources are reveal that Ellen told Jodie:

“I dated her for three years, trust me you should dump her.”

Now its being rumored that Ellen is warning Jodie Foster about her new girlfriend, because she feels that Alexandra Hedison is compiling a memoir about all the women she has dated in Hollywood.

Dish Nation claims that Hedison could be doing a tell-all-book on all the power lesbians she has been with. Could she be the new Karrine Steffans for the lesbian community?


So far nothing has come out about Ellen, but could this just be the start of a work in progress?

If this plays out to be true, but we hope it does not, Alexandra Hedison has a number one selling book on her hands, especially if she is going to talk about intimate moments with Ellen Degeneres and Jodie Foster. These ladies have kept their lives very private for years and if this comes out it could be devastating.

Apparently Ellen feels Alexandra could be a snake in the grass!

We hope that Jodie Foster doesn’t get played by Alexandra Hedison, we love Jodie she is a sweetheart and such a great woman just like Ellen. Keep your circles tight ladies.