Why FN Meka Creators Anthony Martini + Brandon Le Are Culture Vultures

Why FN Meka Creators Anthony Martini + Brandon Le Are Culture Vultures

Why FN Meka Creators Anthony Martini + Brandon Le Are Culture Vultures?

Back in the 90s Rob Pilatus met Fabrice Morvan signed their life away when they agreed to fool music lovers as Milli Vanilli. Now, years later the music industry almost made the same mistake with FN Meka…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that there has been a massive shift in judgement when it comes to A.I. Robot FN Meka who was created by Anthony Martini (white guy) and Brandon Le (Asian) of the company “Factory New”.

What makes Anthony Martini and Brandon Le of the company “Factory New” this generations culture vultures?

Simple, its the fact that you have two guys who deliberately stole the image of rapper Kyle The Hooligan and after they got what they needed the two creators ghosted him.

Here is what Kyle The Hooligan had to say:

Basically it was like, they came to me with this A.I. sh*t and was like, would I want to be the voice of it?

As Hooligan put it, he said “I can do my music and be on some A.I. stuff with this FN Meka character.” But before Kyle knew it “them n—as just ghosted me. Like, used my voice, used my sound, used the culture, and literally just left me high and dry. I ain’t get a dime off of nothing.”

This why Kyle is happy they got cancelled.

Apparently, after Anthony Martini and Brandon Le stole Kyle The Hooligan image and voice they took their creation to Capital Music Group and landed themselves a major deal. Unfortunately there was a lot of criticism about their creation MN Meka a A.I. robot or digital image depicting a black rapper. It was a stereotype of what a black rapper is looked at. They used every stereotype possible and of course they made sure to use the n-word as much as possible. It was a disgusting and negative representation of the culture demeaning all black men.

Producer Hitmaka has spoken out about FN Meka as well and he was NOT pleased.

He pointed out how CMG was thinking with their Capitalist caps and not about the music:

It’s some of the most disrespectful stuff I’ve seen in a long time and to know that nobody from the culture was involved with the creation of this just shows how much [of a] capitalist mind state [Capitol Records was] in.

He also makes another valid point about CMG:

The A.I doesn’t give back to the culture, given to someone that owns Capitol records that probably not even in states. He’s probably overseas somewhere and doesn’t even like rap music at all.