Hitmaka Says A.I. Rapper FN Meka Is “Most Disrespectful Stuff”

Hitmaka Says A.I. Rapper FN Meka Is "Most Disrespectful Stuff"

Hitmaka Says A.I. Rapper FN Meka Is “Most Disrespectful Stuff”!

FN Meka is some real garbage stealing from black culture!

Once again, two white guys are BUSTED for stealing from The Culture and the hip hop community is speaking out over the latest disrespectful ish Capitol Records Group was gonna back.

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Hitmaka is speaking out against Capitol Music Group for initial backing of Controversial A.I. Rapper FN Meka: It’s Some Of The Most Disrespectful Stuff I’ve Seen In A Long Time…


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CelebnMusic247.com reports that producer Hitmaka got things off his chest following Capitol Music Group signing (then dropping) A.I. rapper FN Meka.

Famed producer Hitmaka recently voiced his opinion in an interview regarding Capitol Records’ decision to sign (then let go) robot rapper FN Meka. While speaking on the questionable situation Hitmaka, previously known as Yung Berg, shared:

I think it’s a disservice to the culture, it’s so many different talented people in this world to where that somebody can come up with a character of what they assume Black people or this culture is provided by, or what the guidelines is and go out and make a parody of literally Black people.

Hitmaka, born Christian J. Ward, continued:

It’s some of the most disrespectful stuff I’ve seen in a long time and to know that nobody from the culture was involved with the creation of this just shows how much [of a] capitalist mind state [Capitol Records was] in. How much like the times are changing like, man, like this is ridiculous for our creators. I’m definitely taken back by it for real.

He added:

When you go, and you go steal a culture and appropriate it and it doesn’t affect the culture. Now if the A.I was like ‘okay. We’re gonna have new song writers, new producers work with this A.I rapper, that are in the culture, that is based from a Black stand point’ and then they was able to give back to the culture. That A.I doesn’t give back to the culture, given to someone that owns Capitol records that probably not even in states. He’s probably overseas somewhere and doesn’t even like rap music at all.

The 36-year-old went on to say:

You know how this stuff go. Everybody’s worried about job security. With me being the vice president over at Empire, I’m also a – I’ve sold a hundred million records, 10 billion streams, so I’ll go in a meeting and say my real true opinion. It’s hard for someone to tell they true opinion about how they feel if they know they family is gonna be affected if you go and shake the room, or move the room in the wrong direction. So a lot of people probably had these thoughts and ideas but who wants to lose they job behind something that job security with their families based on them attacking the culture. We need more people that are fearless inside these buildings, such as myself that’s gonna allow them to say ‘yo, this is not right. I don’t care if you fire me. I don’t care what goes on from this, if you judge me for it but I’m not standing for this.’ I encourage more producers, more people that are actually creative to be in these jobs, in these seats, in these offices, because people don’t care. We already here.

Rapper Kyle The Hooligan took to Instagram after FN Meka creators, Anthony Martini and Brandon Le got dropped from CMG , reportedly ghosted him after he provided his voice as the sound for the project.

I am sick of labels think they can influence garbage like this to the youth. Not only that, but to be completely disrespectful to the culture using stereotypes and thinking that music lovers accept it.